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Ozark Folklore and History
National Folklore Resources
Traditional British and Irish Music Resources
Ozark Archives and Collections
Sacred Harp and Shape Note Singing Resources
Ozark History and Culture Bibliography

Ozark Folklore and History

The Max Hunter Folksong Collection
The Silas C. Turnbo Manuscripts
Ozark Studies Institute at Southwest Missouri State University
White River Valley Historical Quarterly

National Folklore Resources

American Folklife Center Home Page
Smithsonian's Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies
Folklife Sourcebook: A Directory of Folklife Resources in the U.S.
Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections
National Council for the Traditional Arts
American Folklife: A Commonwealth of Cultures
American Folklore Society

Traditional British and Irish Music Resources

The Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads Collection--
(Includes 30,000 ballads from Oxford's Bodleian Library)
The School of Scottish Studies--
(University of Edinburgh - contains songs and tales in English and Gaelic)
The Francis J. Child Ballads
("Biography, lyrics, tunes, and historical information")

Ozark Archives and Collections

The Butler Center for Arkansas Studies
Torreyson Library Archives at the University of Central Arkansas
Special Collections at Southwest Missouri State University
Western Historical Manuscript Collection at the University of Missouri - Rolla

Sacred Harp and Shape Note Resources

Sacred Harp Singing from Dr. Warren Steel, University of Mississippi.
All Day Singings in Mississippi - a current schedule.
Sacred Harp and Shape Note Resources from Stephen Sabol, Washington D.C. Sacred Harp Singers
Regional Singings and Conventions


A selected Bibliography of Arkansas Ozarks resources,
from Hill Folks: A History of Arkansas Ozarkers and Their Image
By Brooks Blevins. University of North Carolina Press, 2002.

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