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     John Quincy Wolf, Jr. was "one of the few real scholars to become interested in Ozark folklore."  This Website contains documents, audio recordings, and other materials from the John Quincy Wolf Folklore Collection, part of the Regional Studies Center at Lyon College. It is divided into eight topical sections, each accessible by clicking on the green title boxes below.

     Ozark Folksongs contains transcriptions and audio files to hundreds of folksongs collected by Wolf from 1952-1970. Songs are indexed by song title. Sacred Harp documents Wolf’s interest in Sacred Harp singings. Memphis Blues discusses Wolf’s interest in the blues and includes recordings of several bluesmen visiting Wolf’s folklore classes. Articles features a bibliography of Wolf’s folklore writings and several article reprints in full-text. Life in the Leatherwoods links to materials by John Quincy Wolf, Sr., and includes six articles about White River that the elder Wolf published from 1938-1941. Biography contains articles about Wolf’s life, References lists links and bibliographic materials, and Credits provides information about this Website.

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  1. Randolph, Vance and Gordon McCann. Ozark Folklore: An Annotated Bibliography, Vol. II. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1987. 313.

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